Anthem Recording Program


 The Acclaimed is Anthem's house band. This student based performance group has performed as opening acts for major concerts in the Alamo City, competed in band audititions and has been professionaly recorded by a Grammy Award winning professional studio and artist. 

 Listen to thier singles on Spotify.


Notable performances:

  •  December 2, 2023: Winterfest SA
  •  July 29, 2023: Battle of the Bands in Kerrville, Texas
  •  April 2023: Anthem School of Music Spring Performance in Leon Springs, Texas
  •  January 2023: TRAPT Concert opening act
  •  August 2022: Anthem School of Music Performance on the Riverwalk
  •  September 2021: ADEMA Concert opening act
  •  September 2021: FLAW Concert opening act

If your student is interested in joining the band, or other recording opportunities, contact the studio.