The Anthem learning Process


Anthem is more than just lessons

At Anthem, we want your student to be successful in their instrument. 

Your student will be successful thorugh our proven method of learning, where rhythm and fundamentals are the focal point of learning. Your student progresses through at-home practices, in-studio lessons, and performances. 

We then move onto learning to read music, notations and basic music theory. All students are quizzed annually and your students interest in music and what they are learning to play or perform are key in our lesson plans. 

Parents and students have access to our app, where you can track your students progress, view personalized assignments, record and submit practice logs, and communicate directly with the studio. We recognize there are many types of learners and many abilities, and we will work to adapt to your students music preferences and learning styles. Anthem will never force your student to perform in front of others, or join a band if they are not comfortable with it. 

As a NAMM member, we pride ourselves in ensuring all students can read music while progressing in thier instrument and learning what they want.


Anthem provides a complimentary consultation for new enrollments. A consultation invites the student into our studio to determine the skill level of your student, their interests and goals, and they can recommend a time option for your student.


Tuition is based on the time with your instructors. Tuition is billed monthly in advance for four weeks. If your student has five lessons within a month, the tuition will automatically be adjusted. For new students, a $45 one-time enrollment fee is applied.

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


Sibling discounts and Flexible payment options are available; contact the school for details. Anthem offers several promotions throughout the year for new enrollments.

At Anthem, we require a 3-month commitment from all new students. This timeline provides ample opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with their chosen instrument while tracking their progress through our app's listening activities and monthly progress reports provided by the studio.