this is our story

Anthem School of Music LLC was founded in 2007 By Nathaniel A. Villarreal as Anthem Studios. During one of the worst economic recessions in the Nation’s history, Nathaniel saw an opportunity to spread his concept and vision of enriching the lives of every student through the power of music. By customizing each lesson based on the learning styles of every student, Nathaniel could instruct, critique, and motivate his students to perform at the highest levels. In 2008 Nathaniel developed the quick start method for guitar which included and instructional DVD, Ready to Rock. By simplifying the instruction process Nathaniel and Anthem Studios quickly gained popularity as one of the best instructors and studios in San Antonio. The quick start method is still in use today, and allows students at any level to grasp musical concepts and retain musical knowledge. The Quick start method has been adapted and applied to all styles and instrument instruction at Anthem School of Music LLC.

In 2009 Nathaniel started to explore expanding Anthems vision for musical instruction and performance. Nathaniel researched over 150 music schools, private instructors, franchises including the School of Rock, Take, Taylor Robinson Music, Musika Music Lessons, local music instruction facilities in San Antonio, and found they were all very similar. Each one of these entities specializes in one category; claiming to be the best.

Anthem is a musical term, meaning a collection of sounds coming together to form one. In 2011 Nathaniel Formed Anthem School of Music LLC as the premier facility for music instruction and performance in San Antonio. Anthem hired certified, graduated, enthusiastic instructors who did not just specialize in one style of music or instruction, but rather instructors that focused on the needs and wants of the parents and students while offering superior instruction and music theory.

In 2012 Anthem School of Music LLC opened its doors in the NW area of San Antonio. Since opening its doors, Anthem School of Music has trained several of San Antonio’s best guitarist placing in Guitar Wars a local top guitarist competition. Anthem has trained students entering 6th grade music to be accepted as percussion students during evaluations. Anthem has had students cast for Disney, American Idol, Americas Got Talent, Musicals, and talent show competitions around the nation. Anthem has had students accepted, The University of Texas Music Program, North Texas Music Program, Texas A&M Music program, and various universities throughout the country. Anthem has had students score 1, an exceptional rating within the guild piano competition held in Texas. Anthem has been reviewed and Voted by the NAMM foundation as number 1 in the City, top 1% in the State of Texas, and on the Top 5% for Music Education and Community Outreach in the Nation. In 2016 Anthem School Of Music LLC received the Governor’s Award for its continued commitment to excellence and outstanding achievements.

Moving forward, Anthem School of Music has begun the process of adding Academic Tutoring by partnering with the Sylvan Learning Center. Sylvan offers superior instruction for all educational subjects. Anthem School of Music has also formed a Baseball Team to Offer Athletics to its student’s.
Nathaniel has been selected as a Little League Manager and has used his experience to instruct, inspire, and motivate over 1,000 children playing baseball for Little League.

Anthem is more than a school of rock or a music academy. Anthem School of Music is a destination that focuses and offers the development of performance and excellence. Academics, Arts and Athletics united by enriching the lives of every student through the power of music are what make Anthem School of Music a premier destination for parents looking to enhance their child’s potential.